• Elimination of

  • Real-Time Revenue

  • Integration of Leading
    Payment Gateways

  • Multi-Language

  • Payment History

  • Recurring

Comprehensive online payment solution that eliminates payment related challenges for your business.

Smart CheckInn is a comprehensive and scalable payment solution for Hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry specifically designed to minimize the operational challenges by increasing the profit contribution and overall business performance through Digital Transformation (Automation, Consolidation, Paperless and Seamless)

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Value Added Tax

VAT enabled smart invoice comprises tax and revenue information about all taxable sales made by a business.

Real Time Payment System

Our Real time payment system allows customers to send and collect payments instantly, directly from their accounts at financial organisations.

Multi-Currency Payment Acceptance

Multi-currency payment acceptance permits to charge, process and settle transactions in local currencies.

What Benefits You Get

Make your invoices reflect your brand with our customizable invoice templates.

Case study

Problems Faced By Hoteliers

Abzer provides a comprehensive security module to prevent unauthorized access to the system and ensure data security and integrity.
Fraud and chargebacks

Online transactions are “card-not-present” transactions. As e-commerce expands, opportunities for fraudulent misuse of payment networks and data theft grow right alongside.

Cross-border transactions

Cross-border payments can be slow, inefficient, and expensive, but they play an important role in global trade.

Card data security

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) certification is required for every merchant or business accepting credit or debit cards.

Technical integration

Global ecommerce means accepting a variety of payment methods and currencies.

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