Benefits of SmartCheckInn

Empower your business with SmartCheckInn, an advanced hospitality payment management solution designed to reduce chargebacks, plug unwanted revenue leakages, and grow revenue.

With SmartCheckInn, hotels can configure charging rules, and send easy payment links without manual intervention. The easy cancellation and refund management helps to improve the operational efficiency, encouraging guests to make advanced payments.


easy to pay payment links

Easy-to-pay Payment Links

In today’s digital world, convenience is king and guests will prefer hotels that offer value-added services and enhanced user experience.

Sharing easy-to-pay payment links and offering multiple payment modes will give guests a very smooth and frictionless checkout. SmartCheckInn supports multi-currency and multi-language, ensuring elevated user experience.

Complete Revenue Management

SmartCheckInn is not just a hotel payment processing solution. It takes care of the entire revenue management of your enterprise.

complete revenue management
multiple payment methods

Multiple payment Methods

Offering multiple payment options means that guests can make payments in the way they like. This will give them a seamless checkout experience, ensuring greater customer satisfaction, which in turn will convert to customer loyalty in the long run.

Unique Branding Options

The hospitality industry is highly competitive. Every brand is trying their best to attract customers’ loyalty. The customer lifetime value is maximized when they identify your brand as their trusted, go-to option.

What helps your brand stay apart from the sea of hotels is your brand’s unique identity. SmartCheckInn’s highly customizable invoices ensure that your brand stays at the top of your guests’ minds.

unique branding options
configure unique charging rule

Configure unique charging rules

Every guest is different with unique demands and expectations. The one-size-fits-all solution is not applicable here.

SmartCheckInn is a feature-rich solution that empowers your business to configure unique charging rules.

Real-time Payment Tracking

Automation ensures hotel payment management becomes streamlined. Eliminating manual processes means the entire revenue management becomes efficient and error-free.

Real-time payment tracking becomes effortless with a proper hotel payment processing solution in place.

real-time payment tracking
payment history and analytics

Payment History & Analytics

SmartCheckInn is the best hotel payment processing solution that comes with a powerful dashboard offering highly efficient analytics and insightful data regarding the entire payment history.

Easy availability of actionable data expedites decision-making and your team can strategize according to observations made on customer’s preferences and behavioral patterns. A host of other business analytics can be critical to ensure proper planning and pre-emptive risk reduction.